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At Learning House Preschool, we understand that the first few years of a child’s life are key to his or her personality, development and learning abilities. Children here are greeted with warmth, love and encouraged to explore in our safe, caring, open, and calming environment. That's why we have created a Montessori method classroom where your child will thrive with age appropriate activities designed to meet infant child development needs. 


The toddler curriculum offers children from two years to three years of age a unique self development, age appropriate environment to stimulate muscle coordination, balance and rhythm. All practiced daily through Montessori material, sensorial exercises, music and movement and free play. Toddlers are given opportunities to develop language skills (phonics), basic math skills and social interaction.


Learning House Preschool’s curriculum is geared to help four to six year olds develop a strong foundation for learning. Activities such as colorful artwork, music and movement, science activities, imaginative play, sensorial and practical life are designed to promote your child’s cognitive, social and physical development. This curriculum will help develop confidence in themselves and better prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Learning House Preschool offers half-day and full-day programs. Parents may choose half-day programs that are two, three or five days per week, and a full-day program that is five days per week.


Math is one of the most important subjects children will encounter throughout their lives. Research shows preschool math skills are a strong predictor of future academic success.


Curriculum that will spark curiosity and empower little minds through experiments , STEM projects, and age appropriate interactive activities.


Preschool reading programs play a pivotal role in developing reading and writing skills. Our phonics curriculum has proven that most kids can graduate from our preschool at an advanced level .


Along with our curriculum preschoolers have the opportunity to enhance their life skills. Some of the life skills children learn are  sewing, cooking, cleaning,  and weaving. These skills help enhance positive personality triats. 


Physical activities include outdoor play, gymnastics and yoga. We offer a large playground for children to get plenty of exercise.  In addition we have a large gymnastics and indoor recess class for kids to develop better coordination and body awareness skills.  We also offer yoga classes to help kids develop focus and concentration.


Learning House Preschool offers rest time between 1PM-3 PM  This provides an opportunity for the children to recharge themselves